What is phobia?? A phobia is typical of anxiety disorder which also defined as fear of a situation, fear of an object, place or living creature. It is often called as irrational fear and could happen to anyone. Do everybody have phobia? Yes, it’s very possible. Some phobias which are unbearable and people have it unconsciously. They may not notice it because have not been diagnosed or thinking of this is commonly happen.


Philophobia – Fear of Love

Philophobia defined as fear of feeling attached to someone and do not want to fall in love or be in relationship for whatever reason. Person who suffers from Philophobia will experience over emotional fluctuation when facing situation related love and her/his love life. Person with this phobia is typical person who is afraid of commitment and tend to enjoy her/his life alone. It may not easy for them to socialize with people around so they will keep some distances. This phobia is easier to be found on woman for her past trauma or various reasons.


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Nosophobia – Fear of Disease

Nosophobia is defined as irrational fear of specific disease like cancer or diabetic. Symptoms of Nosophobia are irrational concern of contradicting a disease, dry mouth, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, trembling, anxiety, feeling of too much panic and dread.


Chronophobia – Fear of Time

It does not mean time makes her/him get scare. In Chronophobia, patient often feels like time moves too fast and they have no control with it. They will feel like in a rush and under depression in doing thing because they have very short time and they have to finish things quickly.

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Gerascophobia – Fear of Getting Old

We are getting old naturally. In this phobia, it is not only about fear of how your look like when getting old, but also fear of losing independence, and live alone in retirement. Young days are beautiful for everyone and to see our youthful leave quickly is not easy for some people. Those who suffered from Gerascophobia is young and health people who are afraid of being alone in their old days. It scares them to have to rely on others in their life.


Nomophobia- Fear of Losing Mobile Phone

How important is a mobile phone for you? Recently Nomophobia is new epidemic attack young generations. They feel worry and panic when they don’t hold their device and very afraid to lose their mobile contact. The study conducted by UK Post Office during 2010 revealed that 58% of men and 47% of women are suffering from Nomophobia. 6% of them will feel stress when their cell phones are off or no signal.


Glossophobia – Fear of Public Speaking

Stage fright is one of Glossophobia symptom. People who suffer from Glossophobia will avoid speaking in front of public. Quoted from About Health, generally 75% of people has similar nervous on facing public speaking. However, people with Glossophobia may still able to dance or sing in front of public. They are just too nervous, panic and restless when they have to speak or talk.


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Phasmophobia – Fear of Ghost

Ghost is always been interesting topic. Though there is no real fact of ghost’s existence, local legends in many cultures in the world believe that ghost is real. People with Phasmophobia will extremely feel frightened, depression and emotional. They will get scare with the dark or being alone in some place. In many Phasmophobia case, people size that ghost is the dead that will do revenge for their grave and haunt them. OMG!

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Thanatophobia – Fear of Death

Thanatophobia is one of most complicated phobia. People with this phobia will find death as the scariest thing in their life. They live their life full of worries and anxious anytime. They often imagine about dead or losing her/his life.


Entomophobia – Fear of Bugs and Insects

Entomophobia comes from word of entomos and Phobos from Greek. Entomos means insect and phobos means deep frightened. People with Entomophobia will show excessive panic and scare to meet any insect, whether it is dangerous or not. They could even scream out loud and fainting when insect is in front of them.

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Atychiphobia – Fear of Failure

Failure is part of life. Nonetheless there are people who are too scared to take a risk for the shadow of failure or defeat. This typical people have low self confidence and under estimate their ability. They only want to live in their comfort zone and choose to stay than moving forward. People with Atychiphobia need people around him/her to support regularly and remind her/him that she/he can do thing she/he wants to do.