Superfood needs to be as fancy as possible to get its popularity. You may not believe it, because normally we all should love the healthy food, but when you find out how these superfoods are underrated, then you will understand.

To find this means you will have more choice of superfoods that has been forgotten so far. Include them more in your health dishes list and you’ll have a healthier life.

1. Spiruline
Not heard much about Spiruline? Well, this green stuff should be in the grade-A list when it comes to superfood. Spiruline is a blue-green algae ( cyanobacterium ) that can be consumed by humans and other animals. This algae is very alkalizing supplement for it contains an assortment of micro-nutrients, including beta-carotene, chromium and zeaxanthin.

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2. Molasses
Molasses is a throw-away product from sugar processing. Well, it doesn’t sound good, right? However, molasses is where all the nutritional goodies are available. It is rich in ironm magnesium, manganese, selenium and calcium. For your beauty, molasses nourish your hair and makes your nails strong.

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3. Sardines

Sardines are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and protein. Remember to pick canned sardines when you’re having grocery shopping now.

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4. Ginger
Ginger not only makes a tasty curry, it helps to relieve from nausea whether it’s from morning sickness or motion sickness. It also reduces inflammation and improve circulation to cold fingers and toes.

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5. Evening Primrose Oil
Since fish oil become the major headline, you don’t hear much about this oil anymore. In fact, Evening Primrose Oil is superfood with fabulous benefit. It is very good to reduce breast tenderness and irritability before periods. You can also rely on it to relieve eczema.

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6. Garlic
Garlic is not popular because we use it for spice and don’t really think about its benefit. In fact, garlic is really one of the best superfood ever. Garlic help you to against infection such fungal, viral and bacterial. It also helps thin and clear mucus from your nose, sinuses and lungs. Consuming enough garlic will help you to prevent heart disease.

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7. Eggs
You can say egg is one of the finest food to provide you protein. The yolk is rich in vitamin A, several B vitamin ( especially vitamin B 12 )and vitamin D.

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8. Beans
Beans is rich in protein and soluble fibre. Most of healthy diet always recommended beans to support your healthy life. It means, you should have beans more often in your cooking or salad.

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9. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is wonderful supplement to nourish our skin and boost your immune system. It’s necessarily for wound healing and repairing skin’s cell. Source of vitamin C is easy to find, so you should not worry.

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Orange is one of the best source of vitamin C/ (c) Pixabay

10. Honey
Honey is all that you need to sooth the membranes of throat and lungs. Honey has been attached for various healing recipe for it has anti-biotic properties. When you’re suffered from nasty cough, serve hot honey and lemon drink would make a great remedy.

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