How to become a more productive person? When you stuck with you day while you’re having a lot of work, I know this question often arise in your head. Having productive day not only helps you from a mess that causing of wasting time, but it also improves yourself in achievement.

Good day with productivity also increase your creativity, especially in how to allocate your time and manage your life. When you feel less productivity, I think it’s the right time to improve it by changing your habit. Can you do that? I know you can do that.

1. Your Bed Time is On Schedule
Set your bed and wake up time and make it your regular schedule will give many benefits. It will set your body system to set your internal clock to get tired at a certain time and also become energized at another certain time. The National Sleep Foundaton recommended sleep duration should be around 7-9 hours per day for adult ( 18 -64 years ) and 7-8 hours per day for adults 65 and over. To become early riser may give you extra benefit, but you can tweak it on your favor because you who deside the right schedul that work for you.

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2. Review Your Goals Every Morning Before You Start Anything Else
When you’re ‘to-do-list’ type of person, you might be person who is loaded with schedule and goal. You have many things to do in your head and sometimes you just confusse which on to do first. Re-reading your goals every morning before you start doing another activities will help you to distinguish the most important goal and which one you want to do first. It also will improve your mood to do work as soon as possible, so you can avoid procrastination.

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3. Doing Exercise Before Work Out
The Department of Exercise Science at the University of Georgia revealed that exercising just 20 minutes each day increase amount of the oxygen that rushes to the brain. It will boost function of your brain related to memory, processing, and focus. It also increase brain’s ability in creating new neural pathways so you can speed up your capacity to get things done. Thus, having light exercise everyday will make you have a better day. You will get a productive day and it’s just good for your health.

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4. Check-In Your Self Everyday
You have lived with many form of habits everyday. Sometimes you don’t realize whether it brings you benefit or it’s just waste of time or you actually can twice your work better or anything else. For example, if you took a one hour break at noon, could you get more work done in the morning time or afternoon? Or do you think to take a break in the later time will make you more productive? Well, start making your list now!

5. Find Out Whether You’re Early Bird or Night Owl
Everyone has different habit. Some could be more productive when working at night, and some would be more energized to work in early morning. Depend on your situation, you can create your own analysis to decide what you are. When you find out you’re the early bird person, you may need to reschedule your list to be more productive in morning. The same goes to Night Owl person.

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6. Manage Time When to Distracted from Technology
Technology is great and being techy person is really cool. However, when it comes to productivity, technology could be the main enemy. Tweak your time when to read your email and manage your social media account. In one particular time, when you mix your work with new technology, you lose your productivity so much. For example, when you open your browser just to go to your gmail account ( of course you can access it through your Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird ), you may end up open new tab to open twitter and facebook. You promised yourself it would not longer than five minutes, but then you waste hours for that. Well, that’s suck!

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Yes, you can go to your email and social media account, but create schedule for it, out of your working time. You’ll be amazed how distract yourself from it will boost your productivity!

7. Multitasking is Not for Productivity
Having couple of works done at the same time always sounds good, but it’s not for productivity. Research conducted by Stanford University Professor, Dr. Clifford Nass, found that even high multitaskers who are consuming information and using various types of technology aren’t great enough at ignoring irrelevancy, which actually an important component in multitasking.

“It turns out multitaskers are terrible at every aspect of multitasking,” said Dr. Cliffort to PBS in 2009 interview. Moreover, another study shown that our brain could not handle the overload of multitasking, especially when it comes to learning new things.

It would be efficient when we take time to put our focus on specific task, so we will do our work with maximum effort and make the best result.

8. Good Preparation is The Key of Productivity
When you prepare your self for the next day the night before, you will likely feel you are 20 minutes ahead instead. Preparation always makes your fuel ready so you could have better anticipation to face your day.

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9. Start Off Calm and Peacefully
Do not in a rush. Starting off your day with relaxing mind and in peaceful way will make you enjoy your day so you can work at your best. The experts recommended morning meditation or self-affirming exercise before start a day. It would take only couple of minutes to input the positive intention for your day and create a mantra that will affect your whole day.

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10. Take Regular Breaks
When in serious project, some people are afraid of taking breaks for it’s breaking their productivity. Well, in fact, break doesn’t reduce your productivity. The Journal of Cognition has published study that shown working without stopping to relax will deplete your mind’s and body’s ability to be at their best. So, never afraid of taking breaks because it’s always good for you. you have 15 minutes of sightseeing for refreshment.